All classes for the early 2021 will be online.

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Voice & Speech 1

Feel comfortable and confident in your speaking voice.  This class focuses on relaxation, freedom, and clarity in conversations and presentations.

Often called "Yoga for the Voice" this approach helps relax the whole body, wake up the mind, and integrate breath and feeling into speech.

8 Weeks



English Fluency 1

Often thought of as Accent Reduction, this class focuses on making the sounds of English come alive in a fun and effective way.  By the end of these 6 weeks, you will have energized all the sounds of English giving you clarity and intelligibility.  This is the perfect foundation for English Fluency 2 that is geared for public presentations.

6 Weeks



Public Speaking

More than "what to say and how to say it" this course helps you find the best ways to communicate your passion, gives you the grounding to own your authority, and offers specific techniques to help you communicate effectively to an audience.  From meetings to large-scale presentations, this class gives you the necessary foundation to be a winning communicator.

6 Weeks