This is a modern approach to communication.  We leave behind old ideas of right and wrong speech — how you are "supposed" to sound — and instead celebrate an authentic voice that carries your truth with freedom, inner connection, and expressiveness.


We use simple and engaging physical exercises to help you get rid of long-held tensions.  We invite your creative imagination in the process of developing your voice.  And we integrate your mind, body, and feelings into a unified center.


The foundation is formed in new physical awareness, connection to breath, and resonance throughout the body.  The next step focusses on clarity of articulation, range, and power.

This is a compelling way to gain strength and confidence in all your personal and professional communications.

 are the 


Communications Coach

Since 2000, I’ve been helping individuals and teams discover new and more effective ways of communicating.  This includes new ways of listening as well as speaking, in small groups and large presentations. In workshops and coaching my students break through old patterns to enjoy creative freedom and inspiring communication.  Get in touch today to see what you have waiting.

Benjamin holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon and the Moscow Art Theatre.  A Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, he is former Dean at the School of Visual and Performing Arts at LIUPost, and has taught and coached students in Europe, Asia, and the Americas from such institutions as Columbia Business School, The The World Economic Forum, the Untied Nations, the New School, North Bay Healthcare, and Weil-Cornell University Medical School, among others.  Benjamin currently serves on the faculty at the Linklater Center for Voice and Language, and Hunter College.

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